Combining Ease-of-Use and Productivity to Create Ergonomic Tool High Standards

When considering ergonomic tools, especially in the Aerospace Industry, two of the top areas that are focused on are ease-of-use coupled with productivity and performance. According to Wikipedia, ergonomics deals with the specific focus on the interaction between the human and the engineered system, which is what we specialize in here at Honsa Aerospace. So, how do our tools address ease-of-use, as well as increased productivity? Let’s look at some examples. 


Addressing Ease-of-Use

For our example, let’s look at an air hammer. Long term use of an air hammer can lead to hand arm vibration syndrome. This is a preventable disease for the operator, but can be caused by persistent day to day use of the tool.  For the user that develops HAVS, it can be nearly incapacitating. The percussive motion of the piston going back and forth over and over leads to the vibration injury. 

With Honsa air hammers, we have added a layer of  urethane that provides a protective shock absorbing addition to the air hammer. The piston ends in a receiver cup that floats in a bed of the urethane that prevents much of the vibration from traveling to the handle which the operator holds, increasing ease of use, and preventing injury. 

Increased Productivity with Honsa Ergonomic Tools

Again using the air hammer as an example, here are the improvements in productivity that you can expect with Honsa Aerospace Ergonomic Tools: 

  • Less exertion 

  • Less damage due to repetitive motion 

  • Increased comfort 

  • Longer periods of use due to lack of vibration 

  • Reduced possibility of HAVS

Honsa Aerospace provides a full line of ergonomic tools with these results in mind. It is our goal to prevent injury while increasing productivity and performance at the same time. 

If you are a part of the Aerospace Industry, looking for ergonomic tools to prevent vibration injury, we encourage you to take a look at our product line, which includes air hammers, riveters, bucking bars, and more. In addition we can create custom tools to fit your specific needs. Contact us today to discuss your needs.