How Honsa Reduces Vibration

The vibration associated with the movement of a piston in riveter barrel is typically transmitted through the metal barrel into a metal handle and directly into an operator's hand.

Honsa has developed a system that damps or reduces harmful vibration in the barrel from reaching an operator's hand.  Honsa utilizes a proprietary vibration reducing urethane that acts much like an engine mount in a car by isolating the vibration from reaching the operator's hand. 

The image below shows a cutaway of a typical riveter where direct metal to metal vibration occurs.  The second cutaway image shows Honsa's blue vibration damping urethane isolating the barrel from the handle.

Many studies have been done over the years by customers comparing the harmful vibration of a Honsa tool to other brands.  The results consistently show significantly less harmful vibration exposure with Honsa's tools.


How Honsa Aerospace Tools reduce vibration

Honsa's most popular low vibration bucking bars utilize a hardened steel bucking surface that floats inside a tube with tungsten, urethane and a robust wave spring to greatly reduce harmful vibration without the breakage concerns typically associated with tungsten.  The video below applies to both out tail height setting bucking bars as well as the HVRBB series.