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  • Combining Ease-of-Use and Productivity to Create Ergonomic Tool High Standards

    If you are a part of the Aerospace Industry, looking for ergonomic tools to prevent vibration injury, we encourage you to take a look at our product line, which includes air hammers, rivetersbucking bars, and more. 
  • What are the Properties of Tungsten that Make it Perfect for Bucking Bars?

    Honsa’s HVRBB series of bucking bars combine the very best in durability and vibration reduction. One of the reasons for this, is that our bucking bars are engineered and manufactured using tungsten. So, what are the properties of tungsten that make this element perfect for bucking bars? Let us take a closer look at the science behind what makes tungsten so great.
  • What Are the Effects of Exposure to Long Term Vibration?

    For any person working in the Aerospace industry or similar career path, the possibility of vibration related workplace injury looms large. If you handle a rivet gun or other pneumatic tool that consistently vibrates, the long term effects can be debilitating.
    That is why Honsa Aerospace is committed to providing the finest ergonomic tools to protect aerospace workers from injury. What are the long term effects of vibration injury?
  • How to Maximize Tool Life

    Honsa riveters require minimal maintenance to keep them in top condition. Because they are made with quality and safety in mind, we are able to minimize maintenance. To ensure your riveters stay in top shape, we offer three solutions.
  • Aviation Tool Control

    What is Aviation Tool Control? It is extremely important to ensure that all aviation tools, including your rivet guns, hammers, bucking bars, et...
  • Why Choose Pneumatic Tools?

    If you are involved in an industry such as aerospace, that involves long-duty use to tools, then you are aware of how using a tool over and over du...
  • What is a Vibration Injury and How Ergonomic Tools Help

    For many years, those that work in the aerospace industry have dealt with vibration injuries. This is due to working with the tools of the trade ov...
  • What Tools Does an Aerospace Engineer Use?

    The tools that an aerospace engineer use on the job are one of, if not the most important part their job. Over the past 100 years engineers from al...