How to Maximize Tool Life

Tool Life and Tool Maintenance

Honsa riveters require minimal maintenance to keep them in top condition. Because they are made with quality and safety in mind, we are able to minimize maintenance. However, we offer three main tips to ensure your riverters stay in top shape and extend their life. 

To maximize tool life of your Honsa riveters:

  • Provide a lubricated air supply
  • Avoid dry firing/activating the tool without a rivset installed and contacting a rivet
  • Use only OEM parts whenever servicing tools

To further improve ergonomics, use one of Honsa’s low vibration bucking bars when installing rivets. 

We've covered ergonomics in a few of our articles. We've linked these below to highlight the importance of ergonomics and how they can help with potential injury. Please contact us with any questions about our riverters or bucking bars. 

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