What Are the Effects of Exposure to Long Term Vibration?

Understanding Vibration Injury and How Honsa Ergonomic Tools Help

For any person working in the Aerospace industry or similar career path, the possibility of vibration related workplace injury looms large. If you handle a rivet gun or other pneumatic tool that consistently vibrates, the long term effects can be debilitating.

That is why Honsa Aerospace is committed to providing the finest ergonomic tools to protect aerospace workers from injury. What are the long term effects of vibration injury?

Exposure to Long Term Vibration

The type of vibration that most workers that handle pneumatic tools is exposed to is called Hand-Arm Vibration or HAV. There are several harmful effects that are a result and/or symptom of HAV: 

“Dead Fingers”

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be a result of prolonged vibration exposure.

With repeated use of pneumatic tools such as rivet guns. You may notice the tips of your fingers beginning to turn white. This is referred to as White Finger, or Dead Finger. You may experience tingling, numbness, and pain with this condition and can get worse over time. 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Repeated vibration and pressure on your median nerve can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. This can have a large impact on your ability to grip items, and you may feel pain, pins and needles, or numbness. Frequently a swollen feeling and burning sensation has also accompanied these other symptoms. 

Joint & Muscle Damage 

Another vibration related workplace injury caused by vibration is long term or permanent damage in your joints or muscles. This can affect both the hands as well as the arms causing frequent pain and discomfort. 

Sensory Nerve Damage 

Sensory nerve damage may be caused by vibration from pneumatic tools.

Prolonged exposure to vibration can also lead to sensory nerve damage. The damage to your nerves can leave you with minor symptoms such as numbness and tingling, or more serious ones such as painful cramping, uncontrollable muscle spasms, and feeling of weakness. 

Any, or all of these conditions can occur due to long term exposure to vibration from your tools. That is why Honsa Aerospace is committing to manufacturing the safest and best performing ergonomic tools available in the aerospace industry today. 

Safe, Ergonomic Riveter Guns

The vibration associated with the movement of a piston in riveter barrel is typically transmitted through the metal barrel into a metal handle and directly into an operator's hand.

Honsa has developed a system that damps or reduces harmful vibration in the barrel from reaching an operator's hand. Honsa utilizes a proprietary vibration reducing urethane that acts much like an engine mount in a car by isolating the vibration from reaching the operator's hand. Contact us today to learn more!