Why Choose Pneumatic Tools?

If you are involved in an industry such as aerospace, that involves long-duty use to tools, then you are aware of how using a tool over and over during the course of your day creates both pain, numbness and fatigue. That is why the use of pneumatic tools is beneficial to this type of work. When you deal with long-duty, high torque tools then it is hard to top pneumatic tools. 

At Honsa Aerospace, we strive to create tools that provide the benefits of pneumatic tools with the ergonomic advantage of vibration reduction. So what makes pneumatics better? Let’s take a look.

Honsa ergonomic pneumatic tools, riveters.

What Makes a Pneumatic Tool Different

Pneumatic tools are different for a very simple reason, they function with the use of compressed air. Unlike their electric counterparts, they are connected to an air compressor and use a pressurized burst of air to allow you to perform the tasks these tools are capable of. As long as a pneumatic tool is attached to the compressed air, it will continue to perform. 

For over 30 years, Honsa has focused on operator ergonomics. Our series of riveters improve workplace safety by reducing harmful riveter vibration without sacrificing power or performance. Honsa Aerospace tools are made in the USA from the highest quality materials available, and combine the benefits of pneumatics with safety and comfort in mind.

Pneumatic Tools: The Benefits

Pneumatic tools boast several benefits, and when you combine those benefits with the ergonomic advantages that are our focus, you get the best tools available in the aerospace industry. Pneumatic benefits include:

  • Cost: Pneumatic tools are often more affordable than their electric counterparts. 

  • Safety: Because these types of tools are not reliant on an electric power source, there is no fear of sparks, or electrocution. 

  • Weight: Without cumbersome electric motors, and heavy battery packs, pneumatics are the lighter choice. This is also a safety/ergonomic benefit. 

  • Honsa Pneumatics: Honsa focuses on ergonomics. To learn how Honsa works to eliminate vibration, read here. 

Honsa Leads the Way in Ergonomic Pneumatic Tools

If you are part of the aerospace industry, and would like to know more about Honsa’s line of pneumatic riveters, as well as our bucking bars, contact us! You can also learn more about how vibration is a concern by clicking here. Riveting no longer has to be a numbing experience for pneumatic operators, so take the advantages of pneumatic tools to the next level with Honsa.