HTOP38 10T Vibration Reduced High Powered Tungsten Piston Riveter from Honsa Aerospace Tools

HTOP38 10T Vibration Reduced High Powered Tungsten Piston Riveter- Call 309-756-0200 For Pricing

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The P-38 series is Honsa's newest and lightest weight riveter offering. This series of riveters improve workplace safety by reducing harmful riveter vibration without sacrificing power or performance. Honsa tools are made in the USA from the highest quality materials available and include a one-year warranty which includes industrial applications.

Honsa's HTOP38-10T is a higher-powered riveter than traditional steel piston riveters in the same size tool. Tungsten piston tools reduce the time required to install rivets, often installing a rivet in half the time of a steel piston tool.

For over 30 years, Honsa has focused on operator ergonomics. The P-38 series is lightweight, compact, and includes a custom-designed comfortable ergonomic grip that is engineered to properly fit 95% or more of the population.

When combined with our patented low vibration bucking bars, Honsa tools provide the ultimate in ergonomics, safety, and productivity.

.401 shank

9/16" Bore

1-7/8" Stroke

3,200 Blows Per Minute

2lbs 11oz Tool Weight